Termination of pregnancy pill – Does the abortion pill have long term side effects?

Termination of Pregnancy Pill

Termination of pregnancy pills is similar to abortion pill. It is one and the same thing. After effects of pregnancy termination pill are often mild in the majority of women. It is only in a few that you may get a problem.

What the pill does is to trigger miscarriage and stop a woman from continuing with pregnancy.

Abortion Pill and Miscarriage

A pill does what the body does in most mothers. That is stop a woman from continuing with pregnancy. In thousands of would be mothers this happens every month.

The body on its own decides that it will not continue with the pregnancy and rejects it.

This does not warn you. It will happen wherever you are. One important thing is that no woman dies from this. The body terminates the pregnancy and you go on with your life.

Termination of pregnancy pill does the same thing, the only difference is that in this situation you decide to terminate and you control the timing.

Medical termination of pregnancy using pills

Medical termination of pregnancy using a pill is just repeating ones self. Pill and Medical mean the same thing. Medical termination refers to the usage of medicine to terminate a pregnancy. Which is basically using the pill.

Termination of pregnancy pill side effects

Termination of pregnancy does not have long time side effects. When one is taking the pill they will experience a few side effects that go away quite quickly.

1. Cramping – The medicine triggers cramping and severity differs from woman to woman.

Some women will have mild cramps others do have severe cramps.

The cramps are necessary to expel the contents of the uterus.

2. Chills – This is a feeling of extreme coldness. This happens in most women. It quickly subsides and goes away. But you are encouraged to take a lot of hot black in between taking the medication.

3. Vomiting or Nausea – This another effect of taking termination medicine. But it also goes away quite quickly.

4. Diarrhea – Termination pills often trigger light to heavy diarrhea. As soon as the medication subsides from you body the diarrhea subsides as well.

Critical abortion Pill Side Effects

1, Extremely Very Heavy Bleeding – In some very, very few women they will experience extreme heavy bleeding.

If this happens to you please get immediate medical attention at your nearest clinic.

Do not wait or ask questions. This is called hemorrhage and it happens in a small percentage of women. If you experience it then go yo our nearest hospital or clinic and tell them you are having a miscarriage.

You are going to get immediate medical attention and you will be OK. Do not delay or wish it away.

Remember it happens in a very small almost negligible number of women but it can happen.

2. Infection of the womb – Some very few women do get infections of the womb. Try as much as possible to have antibiotics with the abortion pills.

Take the antibiotics as specified by your doctor after termination with the pill.

This will keep the infections at bay.

How do you know if you are having an infection?

If you temperature is very high and you are feeling feverish then in all likelihood you are geting down with an infection.

Do not wait get the antibiotics or get immediate medical attention and it will be easily controlled.

Abortion Pill Side Effects – Easily Manageable

All abortion pill side effect from the mild to the worrisome are not life threatening if you deal with them quickly. In fact the fast category side effects will go away quite quickly and on the their own.

It is only heavy bleeding or infection that will need medical attention.

Abortion Pill and Cancer

They are not related at all. The pill does not cause cancer or any disease.

It is people who do not want women to terminate pregnancies that peddle these lies.

They will encourage you to have a baby and they are not there to help with the upkeep of the baby. The upkeep of the child at most is the responsibility of the mother. It is your issue.

Abortion Pill and Infertility

Abortion pill does not create infertility at all. In-fact most young girls have as many as three abortion as year. It is true. Some even have abortions in a space of a few months.

Abortion does NOT make you less fertile. It simply removes the fertilized egg that is all. Your fertility remains intact.

It is therefore important to change your ways if you do not want to keep repeating it. Practice safe sex. If you can not practice safe safe at worst go family planning.

Do something with yourself to ensure you do not have another unplanned pregnancy.

Infertility after abortion pill

This is not true at all. Abortion and infertility are not connected at all. It is more of hearsay than anything else.  

Abortion pill pain level

Abortion pill creates a level of discomfort due to the cramping. The level of pain differs from woman to woman. Some women report serious pains and others do not at all.

So it is not one size fits all.

To avoid pain take strong pain killers such as brufen before taking abortion pills. This pain killer will help with the pain even before it starts.

Another alternative is to put a hot water bottle on your stomach or a warm towel around your  stomach. Put a towel in hot water, drain the excess water and tie it around the stomach. It will assist you with reducing the pain and the cramps.

The good thing with pains associated with the pill is that it quickly subsides. 

Abortion pill side effects long term

There are no long time side effects associated with the abortion pill. This pill will not in anyway affect your reproductive system at all. You can get pregnant as quickly as the month after.

Practice safe sex to avoid get pregnant soon after termination. 

Does abortion pills damage the womb?

No at all . Abortion pills do nothing to your womb. Many girls who terminate their pregnancies using abortion pills often get pregnant again shortly if they do not practice safe sex.

This is proof that your womb remains intact after using the abortion pills. 

Does mifepristone affect future pregnancy?

No. Mifepristone has no effect on your reproductive system. Your body remains intact. In fact women often get pregnant soon after termination.   

What are the long term side effects of misoprostol?

None. Misoprostol empties the uterus in an abortion. That is all it does. You will be able to get pregnant again at will.

If you do not want to get pregnant again soon then you have several options. You can abstain, practice safe sex or engage in birth control. Those are the only ways you will avoid getting pregnant again after an abortion. 

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