Lemon Juice Abortion and other Abortion Experiments

Lemon Juice for abortion

Lemon juice abortion in all likelihood will not work. All self induced methods that do not use World Health Organisation approved methods of using abortion pills will only succeed in hurting you than leading to termination of your unwanted pregnancy.

Do not do it, you will not achieve the  objective of termination. In fact lemon juice is good for pregnancy if taken in moderation as it is very nutritious.

The only sure way to terminate an early pregnancy in the comfort of your home is through usage approved abortion pills – Cytotec (misoprostol) alone or with mifepristone.

Do not experiment with your body

Women have come up with all kinds of untested ideas that endanger your life than assist you in achieving an abortion.  These experiments will end up having long time effects on your life than assist you get an abortion.

The last thing you should do to experiment with is your body. Your body is not a laboratory and it is not designed for macabre experiments. Experiments will injure you and if unlucky kill you.

Solution lies in using abortion pills

If you are pregnant and considering abortion, then do not waste time, simply contact us for safe abortion pills and we shall assist you.

Abortion pills like cytotec (misoprostol), mifepristone, mifegymiso and many other approved termination pills will do the job safely for you. These pills are safe, affordable and available. After terminating with approved pills you will be up and running back to your normal life less the pregnancy but healthy.

Baking soda for abortion

Baking soda will not lead to an abortion and at least  it will not be safe. There is chance that if you take a lot of it that it may end up terminating the pregnancy by poisoning both you and the fetus.

In such a situation both you and the pregnancy will be in trouble.  Now, that is wrong. Proper safe abortion leads to the termination of a pregnancy without harming the mother. If it harms you then you are doing the wrong thing.

Do not use baking soda attempting to end a pregnancy. It is wrong. The safe way to end a pregnancy is to use abortion pills – cytotec, mifepristone, mifegymiso, methotrexate and several others. What is critical is that they should be termination pills. Abortion pills are safe. Anything else in such as food, herbs and drinks taken in excess to terminate a pregnancy will only injure.

Drinks that cause abortion

No drink is going to cause safe abortion.  When you do an abortion you want to end a pregnancy but remain healthy. This is not going to happen if you take some funny drinks.

I have been asked whether Coke Cola and aspirin / dispirin if taken for a whole day will cause an abortion. No, it will not. You are just poisoning yourself. These are crude methods that will injure you but more often than not, not end in a termination of pregnancy.

If you want to terminate a pregnancy safely, effectively and cheaply think abortion pills.

Can I use vinegar for abortion

Vinegar is added on food to give it some taste for those who enjoy it.  To me it tastes horrible. Some people believe it has some nutritious capabilities, possibly yes it has. 

There is one thing vinegar is not going to do for you safely, is to lead to a safe abortion. If you take it in small amounts there is no chance that you will get an abortion it is not designed for that.

If you take it in large quantities you are poisoning yourself.  You should not do it. Abortion is supposed to be safe. It is not supposed to lead to injury to you. You are supposed to remain healthy and therefore anything that makes you sick is wrong.  Vinegar for abortion is therefore wrong.

Your safety is critical, therefore think about abortion pills.  They are safe and effective. You can also get them easily and cheaply.

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