Abortion Pills Dosage

Medical Termination of Pregnancy Pills Dosage

 Dosage of medical termination of pregnancy pills depends on various factors.

1 . What type of medication are you taking? 

There are various types of medical termination pills. There is Mifepristone taken with Misoprostol. 

You can also take Misoprostol on its own without taking Mifepristone.

If you take Mifepristone and Misoprostol together to terminate a pregnancy the dose will be different from if you take Misoprostol on its own.

 Misoprostol on its own can terminate successfully, but the dose of termination will be bigger than if you use it in combination.

There is also other different abortion pills such as methotrexate and mifegymiso with differing dosages and usage instructions.

So it is difficult to tell you the true dosage. You doctor will advise you depending on the type of medicine you are using.

2. Duration of pregnancy

A dose for a person at 1 week of pregnancy is definitely not similar to a person at 5 months. 

These two women will need different doses.

How far are you into your pregnancy will determine the medical termination of pregnancy pills dosage that you will receive to end the unwanted pregnancy.

You doctor will advise you depending on the duration and type of abortion pills you will be receiving.

Termination of pregnancy pill at 12 weeks

At 12 weeks of pregnancy a pill will work perfectly to terminate a pregnancy. You can use misoprostol only or mifegymiso or methotrexate. 

You can also use a combination of mifepristone and misoprostol to terminate the pregnancy at 12 weeks.

The dose will depend on what type of  pill you are receiving. The usage instructions will also depend on the type pills you are receiving.

Pills are different and used different. Some are taken orally and others are taken in vaginally or both orally and vaginally.  

Abortion Pill Dosage

Abortion pill within 72 hours

72 hours after having sex is equivalent to 3 days. It will be difficult to prove that you are pregnant at 72 hours.

Having unprotected sex dose not equal to falling pregnant. You can easily have unprotected sex and you do not fall pregnant. 

To fall pregnant you must be within the period when your eggs are ready for fertilization.

It is therefore a waste of time to take abortion pills at only 72 hours because you may or may not be pregnant. Waiting for an extra 10 days to be sure is the right course of action and it will not change anything.

 Ten days is still very early and nothing is noticeable and you be able to get the right termination pills when you are very sure that you are pregnant.

Abortion pills 3 weeks pregnant / 3 weeks abortion pills

Abortion pills are three weeks is usually a small dose. You are early. You are less than a month into your pregnancy.

This is the right time to terminate.

Pills can be taken orally or vaginally.

They will trigger your menstrual cycle to start and you will pass the pregnancy tissue and you are done. 

You will not see anything other than your menstrual cycle. That is about it.  

Abortion pills for 4, 5 and 6 weeks pregnancy

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Abortion pills 11 weeks

Abortion pills will work at 11 weeks. But you will need a big dose of pills to terminate. 

The price and dose of pills at 11 weeks depends on the pills that you are using. The are several different types of pills and the dosage, usage instructions all differ.

Termination of pregnancy pill at 11 to 1 week is actually the same pill. It is the dose that is going to differ. A small dose of termination of pregnancy pill may be used when you are early. 

Abortion pills 12 weeks, 13 weeks and 14 weeks 

Abortion pills work effectively and 12 weeks which is equivalent to 3 months. Yes abortion pills 3 months pregnant will do the work effectively.

The name of the abortion pills at 3 months is the same as at any stage into pregnancy – it can be mifegymiso, misoprostol, cytotec, mifepristone and many other types.

The abortion pills will also work for 13 and 14 weeks effectively.

What is important is to get the right dose of pills at the different weeks.

I am not in the position to tell you the dose of pills to take at these different stages into your pregnancy because of the differing types of termination pills out there. 

Your doctor will be able to tell you the correct dose depending on the pills you are being given.

One thing for sure is that pills will terminate your pregnancy safely and effectively at this stage.

Abortion pills 15 weeks / abortion pill 15 weeks pregnant

At 15 weeks you truly into your 2nd trimester. You are just a week away from being 4 months.

Abortion pills will work at 15 weeks. But when you terminate you are likely to see blood and clots. 

In as much as pills will terminate a pregnancy at this stage, it is not good to wait as termination is a time sensitive action.

Do not wait until you are late into your pregnancy and then you start panicking looking for ways to terminate. Decide and do it quickly.

Abortion pill 16 weeks, Abortion pills 17 weeks, Abortion pills 18 weeks

Abortion pills will work effectively at 16, 17 and 18 weeks to terminate pregnancy at this stage.

But you are going to see things that you should have avoided if you terminated early.

You are going to see a fetus. You are going to see the umbilical cord. You are going to deal with disposing off these things. 

So you have to be mentally prepared to terminate at this late stage. 

Termination must be done as early as possible. Why are you waiting if you are not going to keep the pregnancy to term? Do it as soon as you know and put it behind you.

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